Quantitative insights into Cas-gRNA interactions.

Small samples, great results

How does FIDA
increase CRISPR success rates?


Quantitative information on cas-gRNA interactions

  • Detection of weak and strong cas-gRNA interactions
  • Quantitative Kd and Rh measurement

Small sample volume

  • Down to 4 μL protein solution, 40 nL gRNA protein
  • Unpurified or purified samples
  • Optionally label-free – no interference with CRISPR systems
  • Obtain quantitative insights about the molecular details of your gene editing process

Transfer assays to in-vivo like conditions

  • FIDA users can work with salt and detergents
  • Have flexibility to test in diverse environments

High-throughput automation

  • Simultaneous analysis of up to 100 samples (or conditions) in a single experiment
  • Screen and rank guide RNAs or optimise CRISPR-Cas9 delivery conditions by analysing multiple samples with varying parameters at once
  • Rapid and quantitative results with minimal sample preparation
  • No need for specific antibodies

Unrestricted analysis of nucleotides

  • FIDA is a sequence-independent technology – no prior knowledge of the sequence is required. The sequence-independent nature of FIDA allows for the exploration of unknown or uncharacterised regions of the genome, while streamlining workflows.

Comprehensive picture

  • 8 protein QC parameters, including expression levels, binding affinities and structural changes
  • Increased understanding of the effects of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing


  • Easy assay development fits diverse workflow designs
  • Possibility to correlate FIDA in-vitro data with cell based assays
  • Guide RNA selection
  • Activity optimisation
  • Interaction characterisation

Simplified guide RNA selection and interaction characterisation in one system.

Optimise sgRNA activity

FIDA users streamline their CRISPR research by optimising sgRNA activity and selecting the best candidates for their downstream experiments based on extensive FIDA data.

No purification required

FIDA's label-free, high-throughput technology allows users to assess multiple samples simultaneously without the need for purification, providing rapid results with minimal sample consumption.

Charge interactions in lignad-analyte binding

FIDA users benefit from the unique ability to handle negatively charged analytes and positively charged ligands, which gives them insights into the binding interactions between CRISPR-Cas components and allows them to characterise and optimise their CRISPR systems with greater accuracy and efficiency.

No constraints on buffer composition

FIDA users have the ability to analyse nucleotides with no constraints on buffer composition to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their data.


Assessment of binary RNA-protein interaction.
Estimation of relative binding affinities of multiple RNAs with Cas nuclease requiring only a single labelled RNA construct
Insights into the off-target effects of guide RNAs
High-throughput screening of multiple synthetic gRNAs


Built-in QC
No buffer constraints
Direct measurement of Rh
Binding characterisation
No constraints on analysis of nucleotides
Ability to handle negatively charged analytes and positively charged ligands


Accurate determination of dilute phase concentration
Relative droplet size distributions
Kinetics of droplet formation and maturation into amyloid fibrils
Determination of binding affinity between the polypeptide undergoing LLPS and LLPS-modulating compounds
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