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How does FIDA accelerate protein expression?


Save sample material thanks to pre-purification characterisation:

  • Down to 4 μL analyte, 40 nL indicator
  • Purified and non-purified, with no buffer constraints
  • Functional characterisation in non-purified samples prevents sample waste
  • 8 simultaneous and embedded quality control parameters in every measurement improve assay quality

Simultaneous validation of protein functionality and integrity

  • Simultaneous expression and function assessment based on quantity (expression level), affinity measurement (Kd) and protein integrity (Rh)
  • One technology for various workflow stages

Short assays

  • No need for purification
  • Sample quality control in 4 minutes
  • 8 simultaneous QC readouts
  • Temperature controlled autosampler (2x50 vials and 96 well plates) saves your time

Embedded quality control

  • Absolute size
  • Polydispersity index (PDI)
  • Quantification of aggregates
  • Sample loss
  • Stickiness
  • Viscosity
  • PDB correlator
  • Labelling quality

Simultaneous expression and function assessment

FIDA users benefit from monitoring and quantification of the protein of interest at various stages during the protein expression process, allowing for rapid process optimisation and quality control.

Increases your productivity

The FIDA technology is applicable for biomolecular quantification and for measuring binding affinity directly in complex samples, which reduces sample purification requirements and your assay development time. This can increase users’ productivity and success rate.

Protein Expression Timeline

Gene Synthesis & Cloning

Transformation of host cells

Screening and selection

Expression optimisation

FIDA characterisation in unpurified samples allows for optimisation of expression conditions (temperature, pH, media composition), allowing FIDA users to make informed process adjustments and increase the yield, quality and solubility of their protein.

Clone selection

One FIDA readout delivers both quantity and affinity measurements, providing a sound base for clone selection and minimising the sample and waste created by purifying underperforming clones.

Cell Harvesting & Lysis

FIDA detects changes in the concentration of the protein as the cell lysate is passed through the FIDA instrument. Thus, it can be used to monitor the efficiency of cell lysis and protein release during the cell harvesting and lysis step.

Protein Purification

FIDA can be used to monitor the efficiency of protein purification, as it delivers information on polydispersity, aggregates and affinity.

Protein Characterisation

With 8 built-in simultaneous QC parameters, FIDA is the go-to protein characterisation tool.

Scale Up

FIDA has an intuitively simple interface, making it an approachable tool even for non-lab workers or students. For industrial scaling, read more about biopressing


FIDA’s size measurement can track degradation that might occur over time.

Clone selection

Clone screening based on both clone performance and protein quality

Deconvolution of the Kd and expression levels.

Ability to run assays in unpurified media

Ability to perform clone selection performed before purification.

Absolute measure of Rh in nanometres, reveals the fraction of your protein of interest that is bound.

The hydrodynamic radius serves as a QC check of the proteins, since degradation results in changes in size and/or loss of binding.

Targeting common Protein Expression Challenges

Protein folding and stability
FIDA is used to monitor protein folding and stability. Measurement of changes in the hydrodynamic radius of a protein over time helps researchers to optimise protein expression conditions and identify chaperones or other factors that can improve protein folding and stability.
Difficulties in scale-up
Yield, quality and bulletproof assay design are necessary to successfully scale up protein expression. FIDA delivers information on protein folding, stability and protein-protein interactions, which combined with its straightforward assay design makes it a perfect tool for protein expression scaling.
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