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How to become a FIDA user?

The process  is simple and straightforward, and our designated FIDA specialist will be  with you throughout the whole process.
1. You let us know you’re interested: First, fill in the I need FIDA  or Pilot your samples form, depending on your level of interest

2. Discovery  call: You will be contacted by us  in order to schedule a virtual walk though the system and present you with  specific information related to your desired usage case. Sign up here.

3. Sample  pilot: If desired, we will pilot your samples, and deliver you with an  in-depth presentation and analysis of the data. Sign up here.

3B. In  specific cases, we might run an on-site demo or provide you an instrument as  a rental.

 4. Purchase  and installation: After we sign the purchase agreement our team visits  you onsite to install the instrument and train your team. We provide advice and support,  staying around and ensuring the process of adapting FIDA technology is smooth  and easy.  Our team supports you with  incorporating the solution to your workflow and testing the use case you  desire to test. We make sure you feel familiar and comfortable with the  technology.

6. Ongoing  support and training: You receive access to further, in-depth training  during our free Advanced Courses, and access to our support Field Application  Scientists. On top of that, you have access to a broad user network thanks to  our yearly user meetings.